The Rutgers Club is located at Livingston Dining Commons. Founded in 1957, it is in one of New Brunswick’s venerable old houses built in 1915.  It was originally owned by Ernest Webb until 1956.  At that time the University purchased the house and the Rutgers Club moved in.  The Club was founded in 1957.

The Rutgers Club currently has over 2000 alumni, faculty, staff and friends of Rutgers University as members. Members enjoy special culinary delights and programming in a unique collegiate and charming atmosphere.

The Rutgers Club has reciprocity with over 100 university clubs throughout the world. The Rutgers Club has the capacity to seat 64 people for a wedding, anniversary, or other special occasion. Also, there are several smaller banquet and meeting rooms available. Call the Rutgers Club for more information. Visitors to the university are welcome to eat at the Club, but they must make reservations.

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