All rules below regarding club memberships and licenses are governed by the State of New Jersey
Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control.

There is a minimum three-day time limit for admission into the club so that no member may be admitted by a means of an instant membership.

The only other group that may be sold or served alcohol by the licensee are guests of bona fide members. Each club member is permitted nine guests on the premises at any one time. These guests must be invited to the club licensed premises by an individual bona fide member of the club and sponsored by and personally attended by the member at the premises. Also, no alcoholic beverages in original containers (package goods) may be sold and removed from the licensed premises.

A bona fide club member may have a private function at the club such as a wedding, anniversary, bar mitzvah or other social function. In these instances, the club member may rent or use the club’s licensed premises in order to have the function where the club may sell the alcohol to be consumed at the social function to the member. The club cannot run affairs or rent its hall for or cater such events as weddings, birthday parties or the like for anyone other than a bona fide member of the club and serve alcoholic beverages at the affair.

For more information regarding the above mandates as stated by the State of New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control, please visit the Alcoholic Beverage Control Handbook.